Pure Planets | Smoky Quartz & Coyote Vertebrae: Howl, freely.
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Smoky Quartz & Coyote Vertebrae: Howl, freely.



Symbolically our spine represents our connection between heaven and earth.  The Coyote vertebrae supports the health of our spine so that we can fully stand in our uniqueness while Smoky Quartz aids us to do so in a grounded yet expansive way.  Call upon the spirit of Coyote as a reminder of your own playfulness and magic. Don’t be afraid to Howl!



How to use:  3 drops, 3 times a day or as needed under the tongue. Can also be added to drinking water, cocktails, baths and more. Use directly on the body to stimulate sensation, clear stagnant energy and activate our body centers. Utilize during massage, mediation practice, love-making, travel, and anytime you want to bring awareness and intention to your daily life.


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Crystal Essence Affirmations


Smoky Quartz & Coyote Vertebrae: *Howl, freely!* I believe in the strength of my bones to support fearless play.
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