Pure Planets | Rose Quartz: Breathing Heart
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Rose Quartz: Breathing Heart


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The tenderness of our heart desires to be heard so its song may be sung to others or to our own self. Rose Quartz invites deep listening of our own heart’s gentle wisdom.


How to use:  3 drops, 3 times a day or as needed under the tongue. Can also be added to drinking water, cocktails, baths and more. Use directly on the body to stimulate sensation, clear stagnant energy and activate our body centers. Utilize during massage, mediation practice, love-making, travel, and anytime you want to bring awareness and intention to your daily life.


Crystal Essence Affirmations


Created in rhythm with the Earth’s cycles, a formless vibrational medicine appears under the light of the full moon. Bottled with love and preserved to share, each stone carries a unique medicine. The label of each essence is based on the molecular structure of each stone.
Rose Quartz: *Breathing Heart* I am open to feeling and following the vast wordless wisdom of my own beating heart.
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