Pure Planets | Meet Marissa & Gina
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Meet Marissa and Gina

Gina Gibbons

Gina has been actively enrolled in an apprenticeship with Nature since birth. She formally started studying herbal medicine in 2012 at Pacific Rim College where she started her path as a Community Herbalist.

A global explorer, Gina has traveled around the world consistently deepening her knowledge of traditional plant medicine from a wide array teachers and climates. Her roots are embedded in ‘Western Herbalism’, as she truly cherishes the trees and medicines that grow wildly around her. She prefers to work with local plants wherever she is, yet also loves incorporating unique gems she has encountered in distant places to offer a personalized, dynamic and full-spectrum practice.

Having lived in both the desert and the temperate rainforest, Gina knows plant energetics. Drawing from her own modern apothecary, Gina also calls upon the stronger herbal actions of plants in a variety of forms to support her clients.  She loves working with essences of both plant, mineral and bone to support the spiritual body in subtle yet profound ways. She puts her heart, intuition and herbal wisdom into every formula and exchange she has with those interested in incorporating medicines of the Earth into their daily life.

Gina is also a trained Natural Chef and Nutrition Educator who uses the foundations of cooking and holistic wellness to support her herbal practice.  A full fledged kitchen-witch, Gina utilizes these fundamental skills in her medicine making, formulation and lifestyle support recommendations. No matter where one is along their own life’s journey, Gina connects one to plants and practices that nourish, soothe and strengthen the vitality of the body, mind and spirit.  Gina invites people to ‘break the green wall’ so that a genuine, symbiotic relationship and ever-deepening connection may be forged with the natural world. From this place of true reciprocity, lasting balance and healing is possible for the Self and the Green world she loves so much.




Herbal Consultations (not including cost of herbs)

First 1-hour session: $75/hour
Follow up consultations: $60/hour

Includes diet, lifestyle and specific herbal remedies. We will review your history, stories, goals and roadblocks to find practical and magical ways to incorporate the power of plant medicine into your everyday life.  This can be done in person if you are in the Boulder/Denver area or over the phone/Skype if you live elsewhere.

Nutrition Boost

First 1-hour session: $100/hour
Follow up consultations: $80/hour

Meal/kitchen makeover, personalized shopping list, recipe suggestions, hands on cooking demonstrations (How to ferment, global cuisine, powerful medicinal teas, working with spices, etc)  nutrition guidelines, herbal/sustainable superfood additions and much more.


Tarot Readings:

$40-75 / sliding scale

Gina has been working with tarot cards since the age of 12.  Deeply moved, inspired and guided by the power of symbols, archetypes and the honesty revealed in the cards, Gina uses it as a tool to help one find clarity and guidance.  You become the conduit and the cards speak for themselves, Gina is simply a translator, a reader of the story presented and serves as an intuitive support to help you see what you already know.  She works primarily with the more traditionally-inspired Thoth deck and also works with an herbal deck that is helpful in discovering and deepening one’s relationship with plant allies.

Marissa Pulaski

 As a graduate of Environmental Studies and the Psychology of Health and Healing at Naropa University, Marissa is passionate about igniting the innate human-earth connection within herself and others. She believes that our power as individuals has diminished because we have lost our connection and appreciation for nature. As an artist and performer, she understands that creativity is sacred, creativity is natural, and creativity lives within the evolution of mother earth. She trusts that the more humans spend time in the natural world the more they will know themselves as simple, wild, creative beings. 


Marissa currently works intimately within the plant world studying Plant Spirit Healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine with her teacher Marlow Brooks in Boulder, Colorado.  She is intrigued by all forms of Earth Medicine and has an especially intimate connection with crystals, wild weeds, and animal life. A moon dancer with a nomadic spirit, Marissa continues to evolve through practicing ritual, embodiment, and communication with the unseen. She is dedicated to and finds joy in trusting the spontaneous mystery of life.