Pure Planets | Meet Marissa & Gina
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Meet Marissa and Gina

Gina Gibbons

A nomad by heart, a traveler by choice, Gina is a lady led by her own spirit’s song. She is passionate about giving voice to the voiceless and sharing the often overlooked, subtle magic of the world.  The awe-inspiring wonder of nature and life’s beautiful mysteries are Gina’s greatest source of inspiration.

Summoned by an inner-calling and the plants and trees themselves, she followed her dream of attending herb school at Pacific Rim College. Set amongst lush evergreen forests in British Columbia, synchronicity then led her to the contrasting environment of southern Arizona, where she studied medicines of the desert with herbalist and naturalist, Darcey Blue.  Gina continues to journey all over the world studying medicines of the Earth from a myriad of teachers. Her deep love of culture and traditional wisdom feeds her desire to continue exploring, learning and sharing the dynamic ‘medicine’ she finds along her way.

Drawn by the bond of sisterhood, Gina found roots in Boulder, Colorado where Pure Planets was formed as the distillation of dreams, years of study and the desire to co-create and inform through tangible offerings emerging from a mysterious Source.  As balance to the chaos of modern society, Gina carves time to listen to the sweet songs of birds, the soft whispers of trees and the profound heartbeat of herself, others and the world.

Marissa Pulaski

 As a graduate of Environmental Studies and the Psychology of Health and Healing at Naropa University, Marissa is passionate about igniting the innate human-earth connection within herself and others. She believes that our power as individuals has diminished because we have lost our connection and appreciation for nature. As an artist and performer, she understands that creativity is sacred, creativity is natural, and creativity lives within the evolution of mother earth. She trusts that the more humans spend time in the natural world the more they will know themselves as simple, wild, creative beings. 

Marissa currently works intimately within the plant world studying Plant Spirit Healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine with her teacher Marlow Brooks in Boulder, Colorado.  She is intrigued by all forms of Earth Medicine and has an especially intimate connection with crystals, wild weeds, and animal life. A moon dancer with a nomadic spirit, Marissa continues to evolve through practicing ritual, embodiment, and communication with the unseen. She is dedicated to and finds joy in trusting the spontaneous mystery of life.