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A Movement Ritual for
the Self and Soul.

We have a deep prayer.
A prayer for the Soul of the World.
That prayer starts with you and with me, doing our part in our inner landscape to create an environment within ourselves that is attuned to love, integrity, and the ability to see what actions are needed as our contribution to the Soul of the World unfolds moment to moment.

We invite you for a night where we will journey into connection with our deeper workings through the gateway of the body.

With evocative sounds and a mix of soul driven beats, we will utilize the dynamic practice of the 5Rhythms® as our foundation, move our way into connection to depth of soul and the spark of spirit that unifies us all, stepping into collective simple ritual and prayer.

Pure Planets will offer a warming, handcrafted Elixir and Art Installation to *invoke our intention*.

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Embodied. Connected. Heartful.


How do you present yourself to spirit? If you were to dress for a meeting with your heart, how would you adorn yourself? We request that you elevate your attire. We are dressing for an evening of movement ritual, an evening of meeting with the Gods.


Registration with Live Music: 6:00 pm – 6:30pm

Doors Open To The Movement Space : 6:15pm

Movement Journey : 6:30 pm – 9pm (No Admittance After 7pm)

Link to register: http://www.amberryan.com/tune-boulder/



Hosted by Pure Planets and Steve Powers

Cozy up with Fractal Tribe and the Boulder Circus Center this fall for an encore of Cirque Array!


– Variety Show
– CONTRAPASSO Circus Theatre Production
– Food Catering
– Pure Planets Elixir Bar
– Art Gallery
– Multi-Prize Raffle
– Silent Auction
– Atmospheric Performance

Cirque Array is a funny mix of professionals trying out new material, first time performers putting together their first theatrical act and everything in between. The show will consist of two parts: a variety showcase which opens for CONTRAPASSO, a circus theatre production.

Friday, November 9th
Doors @ 6pm | Show @ 7:30pm

Sunday, November 11th
Doors @ Noon | Show @ 3:00pm

Suggested Donation: $15-25
First come, first served.

Two shows only!! Get there early to claim your seat.

*All proceeds from the show will be gifted to the Boulder Circus Center community*  Come enjoy an elixir, some tacos and witness beautiful artistic creation unfolding.

Come out and celebrate our creative community with art by SMiLE + Kevin Falco, live music with Sun Jr. and Ancient Giant, crystal elixirs with Pure Planets and live-making with Flatiron Press!

SMiLE + Kevin Falco, two very different artists with a shared intrinsic focus on the importance, strength and meditative qualities of process, and a skilled attention to detail bordering on the obsessive. Vision in Process highlights these two artists, both currently local to Boulder but international in their scope and breadth of work and practice; one adept on the streets of Paris, Bologna, Mykonos; the other in some of the most exalted contemporary art institutions and ateliers.

Here’s more of a detailed rundown on the infamous Boulder street artist, SMiLE: http://www.dailycamera.com/news/boulder/ci_30421186/smile-boulder-street-art-anonymous

November 11 7-10pm

madelife 2000 21st St. Boulder, CO 80302


With evocative sounds and a mix of soul driven world beats, Amber will guide us to our center where we can attune to our deepest and highest and move back into our every day from that new landscape.

Utilizing the dynamic practice of the 5Rhythms® as our foundation, Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical & Stillness,we will head into a journey to fine tune our inner listening, purify our system, ignite our creative potential, unleash the dynamic power that is alive within each of us, and sink back into the source of everything. Rooted. Connected. Artful

Location: Boulder Circus Center

Date: Saturday, September 30 2017

Cacao Elixir Offering By Pure Planets: 5:00-5:55

: 5:30- 6:00pm

Doors Open To The Movement Space : 5:55pm

Movement Journey: 6pm – 9pm


Art, Opera and Elixirs in the morning – Our VIBRANT FEMMES last event is Saturday, September 16 from 10am to 12 Noon and we’re so psyched to have Opera on Tap and Orbiting Olympia accompany the work by Madeleine Tonzi, Carolann Wachter, Liz Quan and Michelle Miller.

We’ll have elixirs from Pure Planets and live screen printing – bring something to print on and show your love for women in the arts and all the femmes who live their vibrancy.

COST: $22 prepay, www.amberryan.com/renaissance/
through May 19th.
$27 at the door

Elixir Bar: 5:45 – 6:30
: 6 – 6:30pm
Doors Open to the movement space at 6:25pm
Sound-Movement: 6:30 – 9pm
*No admittance after 7pm


Come out and join us for the Something About Something gallery reception featuring the work of the four winners of madelife’s Community Hang(Out): ArtSoulLife, Gabriel Sanchez, Jonathan Brown, and Chloé Besson. The artists have been hard at work for months building a showcase of their new work as well as crafting dynamic multimedia performances to really bring the show to life. The artists will also utilize the space on and off the walls to create four independent environments in order to fully immerse the audience into their worlds. Don’t miss your chance to step into the story of the work from four Boulder-based artists and be a part of the artistic community.

Music by Scotch Grins & Muscle Milk

Crystal Elixir Bar by Pure Planets 

Opening Reception: April 29th



Join us in celebrating new paintings by Brazilian artist Rebecca Sharp.

Pure Planets will be hosting an Elixir Bar at the opening. We will be offering a selection of handcrafted crystal essences, plant and tree infusions, herbal tinctures and jun tea for each to create their own potent alchemical potion. Elixirs by donation and crystal essences for a set price. Come delight the senses and play!

February 17th, 2017.

6-9 pm at GRACE Studios Community Room

Denver, Colorado

Click here for more information


We are honored to be apart of the upcoming Sound-Movement expedition, R E N A I S S A N C E, hosted by Amber Ryan in Boulder, Colorado.  We invite you to come play with us and indulge in our homemade, wildcrafted Crystal Elixirs and Cacao treats!


November 12th, 2016.

6:30-9pm at the Boulder Circus Center.

Click here for more information.

We look forward to meeting you in the magic!