Pure Planets | About
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Co-created by two soul sisters, Pure Planets is fiercely dedicated to sharing medicines of the Earth.

Sustainable practices and education serve as the foundation of our creation.

Guided by lunar cycles, ancient traditions, and our personal intuitions, Pure Planets offers practical magic for the pragmatic mystic.

Marissa and Gina met as herbalists in Boulder, Colorado and created Pure Planets with the intention of it being an herbal company. After co-creating together for some time, they were guided, through a dream, to work with crystals in a sustainable way.  The art of working with crystals and water they soon discovered, was an ancient tradition they seek to revive. A full line of Crystal Essences has been crafted with the utmost love for these powerful mineral allies.

Pure Planets runs a full-service, traveling Crystal Elixir Bar for events and gatherings all across the world.  Additionally, they offer informative workshops, sharing their personal experience and collective wisdom developed over many years of working with Earth medicines.  They are also available for one on one consultations.


Components of our Creation

We travel to collect stones and stories from their place of origin. Each batch is ceremonially crafted and bottled under the light of the Full Moon.


Environmental Integrity:


  • Labels are biodegradable using water based inks and stone ‘paper’

  • 100% recycled, 100% post-consumer waste, FSC certified envelope & renewable hydropower paper

  • Natural, resin-based wax seal

  • Carbon neutral stamp


In reverence to the spirit of water, we gather local spring water for the base of our products. We preserve our essences with organic grape alcohol which is vegan and gluten-free.